by Eric Oliver

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these are songs i recorded on my iPhone. i update this with new songs sometimes so some are older and some are newer. some are better quality than others. so take that for what it's worth but I hope you still like them because if you hate them it'll make me feel bad.


released July 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Eric Oliver Erie, Pennsylvania

I was born November 15, 1987. Lots of things have happened since then. Sometimes I write songs about these things or things I just made up in my mind.

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Track Name: you can't save
I tried to find a better way to avoid the words I had to say
I tried to find another way to escape the fears crowding my brain
I've been sleeping in too late, now it's too late to change
I knew you'd never change, now I became the same
Met you at the wrong place at the wrong time
you were in the wrong state of and I was losing my mind
fall came and you were still there, you were wearing that dress
winter came and you were still there, we weren't making progress
I don't know what'll happen next year, I don't know where I'll be
all I know is you'll still be there, will you love me
I thought you'd help me find my way, took too long, you never explained
I thought you were amazing grace, still lost and blind
cause you can't save
Track Name: think of you
i got too much time on my hands
to think of you
to think of you
all the books i ever read say thinking just won't do
just thinking won't do
i'm tired of pretending i'm your baby, baby
don't call me that unless you mean it
i wouldn't recognize you if i saw you again
you wouldn't recognize me if you knew me back then
i wouldn't recognize you if i saw you again
you wouldn't recognize me if you were really my friend
were you really my friend
Track Name: i've been thinking a lot
if I knew the words to say I would, I swear I would
the only thing that kept me here was the fear of giving up
I don't wanna give up too early
the only thing that helped my fears, brought bad and good tears was you
and you knew, thanks for what you did
if I knew the words to say I would, I swear I would
but I'm tired of thinking about it
Track Name: still afraid
I was wrong I can't write a song without revealing all my doubt
I was wrong I'm not that strong
I thought I made it far on my own
the mirror never changes over time I stay the same
it's like in second grade I was so afraid
I'm still afraid
I know the reasons why I shouldn't be
I know the reasons why I shouldn't be afraid
still I don't change
Track Name: look back
it's so hard to look at you in the eyes
it's so hard thinking if I went blind I'd be better off
I could stay but I don't wanna waste my time
I could stay but thinking if I didn't try and fail I'd be better off
it's so hard to say what I think
it's so hard to believe

and now when I look back the reasons why, the reasons why are crumbling