by Eric Oliver

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recording, album art, and footstomps on She Said by Tanner Woodworth


released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Eric Oliver Erie, Pennsylvania

I was born November 15, 1987. Lots of things have happened since then. Sometimes I write songs about these things or things I just made up in my mind.

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Track Name: Omnipresent
I thought you weren't only in the clouds sometimes looking down but never around
then I though I realized you weren't in the sky and the sunlight could not make it through this shell so you fell

then you were in the trees or maybe in between all my nightmares and daydreams but still up so high I couldn't reach or climb and I'd talk to you but you would never reply
only leaves falling to the lawn one at a time
what that did for me I still couldn't tell so you fell

you were in the dirt and that's all you were
I walked alone always looking down but on the ground I never found relief
you had nowhere left to fall and neither did I
until the clouds disappeared and i saw you somewhere
someday all the clouds will disappear and we'll see you so clear

but I almost let go of that bridge
and I guess I suppose still you would have been waiting in the rocks and caught me when I fell down
and now God I see you all around

in the trees the dirt and the leaves the bridges and the wind that almost blew me away and the birds the lightning the buildings falling down and all the words I could never say and the faces and beyond the grave
and in the weakness of my heart
that's where you are

i don't feel afraid when i see you and when i hear your name
Track Name: She Said
She said we’ve gotta get out of this town before it explodes. Everyone knows it’s exploding but they won’t go and I’m all alone. Would you come with me?

She said debris is falling down on my house and there’s a tornado spinning around. It won’t slow down, nothing slows down

She said I’m sick of spinning ‘round in a circle I’d rather be a square and I don’t care if all my sides aren’t equal. Or even if there’s four of them. Or five, six, seven, eight

Then she said I’ve changed my plans, I’ll stay in the sinking sand. Go ahead and search all you can. I already know where I am. You’re gonna have to go without me. You’re gonna have to find your own way home. No one knows where this road goes

I said I was only gonna go cause I thought I’d see you there
Track Name: Empty
hands in my pockets and i'm frozen again
hands in my pockets and i'm frozen again
and i'm never coming back here
and i never said a word but i'm a liar
i can't move my legs i can't move my mouth i can't move
and i'm never coming back here
and i never said a word but i'm a liar
and i'm never coming back here
i told myself last time i know better, i should know better by now
i told myself last time i know better, i should know better by now
i told you stop waiting for me i'm too far behind